3D printed

Komidore Plastics have multiple 3D FDM printers that we use for creating quality parts from 3D designs. These parts are typically made in ABS as this plastic is easily fabricated for better appearance or for combining with other parts by hot air or solvent welding. We are able to design and FDM print products depending on geometries, the finished results can look and perform much better than a normally fabricated part due to smoother joints and no need for welding or other fabrication.

Low volume custom parts are perfectly suited to 3D FDM printing. Contact us to see how this technology can be used for your project

Simple customised solutions for around the home, such as these ladder rung grips for a bunk bed. 3D printing allows manufacturing of parts that would have previously been impossible or uneconomical

Standard fittings can be customised for certain applications, such as this 150x100mm reducer which was modified to fit inside pipe. This fitting isn’t available off the shelf and fabricating by hand will be too costly. The finished result also looks comparable to an off shelf fitting which helps the overall appearance of exposed installations, such as down pipes etc

3D printed parts can be combined with other manufactured parts to create strong and economical custom solutions. This fitting uses a custom sized tube, printed on our FDM machine which was then welded to CNC cut PVC panel.