About us

At Komidore Plastics we specialise in the fabrication of bespoke plastic parts for a variety of industries.From mining and industrial applications, to water management and storage among many other specific applications

Our fabricators are trained in many forms of plastic welding and combine years of fabrication experience to provide a comprehensive range of skills to our customers. Services provided include hot air and extrusion welding, polycarbonate bending and fabrication, butt and fusion poly welding, 3D design and printing, CNC machining, reverse engineering and onsite services.

Not only experienced fabricators of plastic products, Komidore Plastics also provides other services to help our customers from start to finish. From initial customer liaising, onsite measurements and design, to installation and commissioning.. We are able to fulfill our customers needs with as little disruption to the work place as possible.

Contact us with your plastics requirements and see how we can provide efficiency for your business.