Plastic Safety Guarding

Komidore Plastics manufactures safety guards for a variety of purposes, whether it’s impact or chemical resistance.. or personnel access restriction or even UV resistant outdoor applications. These guards are custom made to suit our customer’s specific requirement, either to supplied specs or from our measurements taken onsite. We can even provide installation if required.

Tunnel Guarding

Tunnel guarding to suit various conveyor and materials handling systems

Tunnel guards are important safety devices for materials handling equipment, preventing personnel access to dangerous or sensitive equipment while also protecting staff from injury due to machine malfunctions or damage. These are custom made to width, height and length requirements and can integrate access doors, hinges, handles and other accessories for every application.

Poly-carbonate (Makrolon) is the usual material for these guards due to its superior impact resistance with good transparency. Other materials are available, such as Chemguard PVC for applications where strong cleaning chemicals are used and also Acrylic (Perspex) where high visibility or colored panels are required but impact resistance is not crucial.